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Medical Gauze

Complying with ISO-13485 system, comprehensive control from process and material, we provide exceptional, sterile medical-grade products worldwide.

Product Features
  • Compliant with ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality Management System

    Clean positive-pressure SRC facility, along with strict microbiological monitoring and control, minimizes contamination risks.

  • Manufactured with European -standard certificated equipment to craft high-purity gauze substrates

    With rigorous microbial count management ensuring non-toxic, adhesive-free, and heavy-metal-free materials that meet the highest demands of wound care.

  • Low lint and high absorbenct

    Our products exhibit outstanding water absorption and have a low propensity to lint, with an absorption rate of up to 8 times.The fabric has high structural strength, low fluffing properties and reduced irritation.

Materials of CompositionRayon、PET
Basis Weight30 ~ 40 (g/m2)
Width100 mm ~ 1,500 mm