As a leading professional manufacturer in the industry, we prioritize corporate responsibility for sustainable development. We aim to create a positive impact by developing products and technologies that benefit society and the environment. Here are our top three achievements:
Non-Woven Fabrics Solutions

Innovative Spunlace / Non-woven Fabric woven fabric solutions for various industries and purposes.

Membrane Solutions

Membrane Solutions: Indicating our expertise in membranes.

Stamp Me Slip Resistant Mat

Customizable features include self-adhesive non-slip, quick-dry moisture absorption, antibacterial, odor resistance, durability, color-fastness, breathability, and skin-friendly softness, tailored to your product strategy and design.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Committed to delivering high-quality, reliable OEM solutions for both wet and dry wipes that cater to diverse industry needs. we offer flexible and customized options to meet your specific requirements.