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#WebPro Industry Joins “TALENT, in Taiwan” for Sustainable Talent Development


In a strategic move to enhance Taiwan’s workforce competitiveness and respond to the growing importance of ESG initiatives globally, WebPro Industry proudly announces its official participation in the “TALENT, in Taiwan - Sustainable Talent Action Alliance.”


At this pivotal moment, WebPro pledges to implement key indicators in the areas of #PurposeAndValues, #DiversityAndInclusion, #OrganizationalCommunication, #RewardAndIncentive, #PhysicalAndMentalWellness, and #TalentDevelopment.



WebPro upholds shared values and behavior models centered around “Integrity,” “Proactiveness,” and “Excellence.” As a renowned international supplier of non-woven materials, our mission is to provide reliable medical materials, fostering corporate social responsibility, and a commitment to a happy corporate culture.123


WebPro embraces a diverse workforce, promoting inclusivity and a non-discriminatory environment, creating a workplace where everyone feels welcomed and valued.


We facilitate open communication through various platforms, including employee suggestion boxes and forums, fostering organizational harmony and growth.


Our motivating reward policies and promotion systems attract and retain exceptional talents, ensuring a thriving and dynamic team.


WebPro is dedicated to providing a safe and friendly work environment, offering health check-ups, counseling services, and facilities supporting work-life balance, including lactation rooms and affiliated childcare centers.WebPro collaborates with welfare committees for activities such as health seminars, employee sports events, family days, festive celebrations, product discounts, and engages in social welfare activities to create a sustainable and inclusive workplace.


We actively plan professional development programs, focusing on enhancing skills and competencies, ensuring our team maintains sustainable competitiveness and soft skills.


Aligned with “TALENT, in Taiwan,” WebPro Industry, along with “天下學習” (CommonWealth Learning) and “Cheers快樂工作人” (Cheers Happy Workers), collaborates with 100 other Taiwanese enterprises. Together, we advocate for and continuously promote talent development initiatives. We hope that through these programs, every worker can feel the positive impact on their skills, fostering a better career and future.