PE Film
  • No Endocrine Disruptor, Chlorine Free

    Complying with ISO-9001 system, ISO-14001 and ISO-13485, we devoted to high-quality and compliant products.

  • Registed Printing

    14gsm PE film has high tensile strength, capable for registered printing; repeat length variation within +-3mm, and multi-color registration ability ±1mm. This will provide the PE film your desire more valuable and better presentation.


From business contacts, raw materials and processes, to quality monitoring, extremely efficient cross-department teamwork demonstrates Web-Pro’s commitment to service quality.




Medical Spunlace Nonwoven

Known for exceptional purity and quality, as we dedicate to medical spunlace nonwoven.We provide final products like wipes, moisture wipes, medical gauze, or we manufactured based on your expectation. Focus on the development of medical-grade non-woven fabrics, which are extremely clean and highly homogeneous, provide rolll goods for wet wipes, wipes, and medical gauze application, or OEM them to final products.


Key Aspects of Spunlace Fabric Monitoring: Strict microbial count control, non-toxic, heavy metal-free, pH control, ensuring fabric surface uniformity and purity.


Advantages and Technologies
  • 3-D embossed patterns spunlace nonwoven

    3D spunlace non-woven fabrics with round dot, square, or various customized patterns are approximately 10% thicker than plain type spunlace fabrics and exhibit a three-dimensional textured surface, enhancing visual, tactile, and wiping performance.

  • Functional composite nonwoven fabric

    These are composed of multiple layers with different characteristics, forming multi-layer composite non-woven fabrics. Leveraging the three-dimensional non-woven fabric structure and physical properties of the fibers, liquids are quickly drawn downward and dispersed in a capillary-like manner, resulting in a spreading area of ≧30cm² (30 seconds) or more. These fabrics can achieve water absorption rates of over 10 times, ensuring rapid liquid absorption and quick drying.


Materials Masters

With specialized expertise in the manufacturing of spunlace nonwovens and PE breathable films for medical and hygiene materials, we offer a wide spectrum of applications. With comprehensive control over processes and materials, we provide exceptional sterile medical-grade products worldwide. Our PE film is certified to international standards, achieved through casting and blowing processes that completely meet your customization expectations.

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