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Plant Location

4 major plants located in Taiwan and Vietnam, this makes our supply stable and delivery of final goods on time. We appreciated your engagement, and we welcome you to make a visit registration, to see our capability onsite.
Yun-An Plant

TEL +886 7-6218600

FAX +886-7-6229200

No.4, Yun-Kon 3rd. Rd., Yun-An, Kaohsiung, 828, Taiwan

Nan-Zi Plant

TEL +886-7-3553688

FAX +886-7-3582091

No.231, Chaoren Rd., Nan-Zi, Kaohsiung 811, Taiwan

Tree Valley Park Plant

TEL +886-6-5999888

FAX +886-6-5990066

No.27, Titanggang Rd., Xinshi Dist., Tainan City 741, Taiwan