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Web-pro Industries & Systex Software launch Initiative to boost work efficiency & meet ESG goals

Under the guidance of BenQ Material's expertise in digitalization, Wei-pro Industries, with the assistance of Systex Software Services in 2023, implemented cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online, not only significantly improving work efficiency among colleagues but also reducing carbon emissions by 93%* compared to hosting a private cloud platform, greatly supporting the achievement of the company's operational goals for 2024. 

Amidst the chaos brought on by the pandemic and wars, which severely disrupted the once stable supply chain systems, the global business environment has become increasingly uncertain. In such times, the ability of a business to adapt becomes paramount. Only through leveraging technology to strengthen operational resilience can a company maintain a strong competitive edge in the market. As part of the national epidemic prevention team, Wei-pro Industries, upon joining BenQ Materials in 2023, immediately capitalized on the parent company's experience in information optimization. With the support of Systex Software Services, the company replaced desktops with laptops and introduced cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online, greatly enhancing overall work efficiency and accelerating the company's alignment with ESG trends.

Amy Chiu, the General Manager of Web-pro Industries, stated, "We believe that joining BenQ Materials will significantly contribute to expanding our overall business performance. The operational focus of Wei-pro Industries in 2024 includes four main aspects: improving work efficiency, expanding in the medical sector, accelerating our strategy in the Vietnamese market, and gradually achieving our ESG goals. These objectives rely on digital transformation projects centered around information technology. The collaboration between our IT department and Systex Software Services in introducing cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online has markedly improved work efficiency, greatly aiding in the achievement of our business goals. We hope for more opportunities to collaborate with Systex Software Services in the future." 

*The 93% reduction in carbon emissions is based on a comparison with the company's previous carbon footprint from hosting a private cloud platform.


Prioritizing Infrastructure Optimization for Enhanced Overall Work Efficiency

As a globally recognized manufacturer of upstream materials for medical and health care products, Web-pro Industries specializes in the production of high-tech textiles, spunlace non-wovens, and soft breathable PE films. These materials are indispensable for international brands manufacturing medical-grade protective clothing, medical gauze, nursing pads, moist wipes, facial masks, diapers, and sanitary pads. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the business environment, the company places great emphasis on product development, striving to provide its partners with safe, clean, and reliable medical materials. Web-pro Industries has become a designated qualified supplier for major global brands, with four production bases located in Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Vietnam.

Despite having a relatively high level of digitalization for the past 30 years since its establishment, Wei-pro Industries, like many Taiwanese companies, has historically invested a limited budget in the information technology sector. Traditionally, the company purchased Microsoft Office software as part of its PC acquisition strategy, leading to a mix of Office versions within the organization, including Office 2007, 2010, 2016, and 2019. This variety often resulted in compatibility issues, inadvertently slowing down work efficiency and increasing the workload for IT staff.

Brad Wang, a manager at Wei-pro Industries, noted that aside from the Microsoft Office challenges, the company initially used open-source email server software. Although email transmission was stable, the support for mobile devices was inadequate, often leading to employees missing important meetings due to incomplete calendar information. To address these issues, in the second quarter of 2023, Wei-pro Industries decided to follow BenQ Material's information strategy and adopt cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online, replacing outdated software. After evaluating suitable system integrators in the market, the company chose to partner with Systex Software Services, considering various factors, including technical support services.



Systex Software Services Delivers Comprehensive Project Planning Report 

Wei-pro Industries recognizes the critical role that system integrators play in driving digital projects, especially with the deployment of Microsoft 365 across facilities in Taiwan and Vietnam requiring the assistance of an experienced external partner. Consequently, the project team outlined requirements across three phases: pre-implementation, during implementation, and post-implementation. After assessing the capabilities of various long-term system integration service providers in project planning, technical support, and training, Systex Software Services stood out with the most comprehensive project planning report. This report fully addressed Wei-pro Industries' pain points, distinguishing the company from its competitors. 

Systex Software Services, with its experience in assisting numerous enterprises with the implementation of cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online, planned an extremely thorough set of steps based on past case experiences. This included preparatory actions before the project start, technical support available during the project, and detailed training upon project completion. This meticulous planning far exceeded Wei-pro Industries' expectations and became a key factor in the successful completion of the project. 

"The project was divided into two phases: the first phase involved the less complicated Microsoft 365, and the second phase tackled the more complex Exchange Online," explained Brad Wang. "Leveraging the consultancy services provided by Systex Software Services, we dedicated more time to preparation in the preliminary stage and successfully achieved a seamless transition for our employees. The Exchange Online implementation was more intricate, involving not just the migration of email data but also the testing and integration of Windows AD. With the support of the consultant team from Systex Software Services, we felt reassured, and the project proceeded very smoothly.



Amy Chiu stated that moving email to the cloud marks a significant milestone for Wei-pro Industries. The IT department had already thoroughly presented the security and reliability of the cloud platform, as well as its benefits in terms of energy savings and carbon reduction, prior to the project's initiation, ensuring that the operations team fully supports this initiative.


The Project Benefits Exceed Expectations, Plans to Promote Cloud Backup 

After introducing cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online, Wei-pro Industries has seen numerous benefits. Firstly, the standardization of Microsoft Office versions within the company has eliminated the issue of being unable to open documents. Secondly, all employees can now utilize the new features of Office 365, with some jokingly saying their productivity has increased by more than twenty times. Thirdly, employees can access their calendars and enjoy the convenience of Teams online meetings using mobile devices. Fourthly, the company has been relieved from the burden of maintaining email servers, reducing the workload for the IT department and saving significant electricity costs. 

Brad Wang noted that to ensure server stability, data centers must use a substantial amount of air conditioning, making the cost of hosting a private cloud platform quite high. However, by switching to cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online and using Microsoft's tools for calculation, the project has resulted in a 93% reduction in carbon emissions compared to hosting a private cloud platform, giving the company more confidence to pursue its ESG strategy. 

Digital transformation is a long journey. In its planning, Wei-pro Industries will continue to promote cloud backups, virtual server upgrades, and even optimize the information infrastructure of its production base in Vietnam. Given the strong service capabilities demonstrated by Sincere Software Services in this project, it is expected that the two companies will have more opportunities for collaboration in the future.