BenQ Materials Makes Three Major Advances to Repower Sustainability at Web-Pro-Web-Pro

BenQ Materials Makes Three Major Advances to Repower Sustainability at Web-Pro

Since acquiring Web-Pro Industries in 2023, BenQ Materials has been actively championing green sustainability at the company. The implementation of three key policies is the latest drive in this effort: (1) increasing the proportion of renewable energy; (2) promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction; and (3) constructing green factory zones to contribute to global carbon reduction efforts.


A few years ago, Web-Pro Industries leased the rooftop of its Tainan Tree Valley Park factory to Innovare Technology for the installation of solar power generation equipment and solar energy collection. Today, a signing ceremony was held with Innovare Technology to repurchase this equipment for self-use. This move is expected to jumpstart the use of renewable energy at the Tree Valley Park factory from zero to 5.2%, with an estimated annual production of 540,000 kWh of green electricity.


“The 2023 Global Electricity Market Report by the International Energy Agency forecasts that within three years, renewable energy will surpass coal as the world’s largest source of electricity,” said ZC Chen, Chairman of Web-Pro Industries. “Taiwan's green electricity generation is booming, with the volume generated in 2022 surpassing nuclear power for the first time. This goes to show the significance of renewable energy as a major power source in the near future.”


Looking beyond this initial investment, Chairman Chen highlighted the company’s long-term commitment to renewable energy. He stated, “This repurchase of green electricity is our first step toward increasing the proportion of renewable energy. We are also evaluating a second phase of solar energy installations, with the goal of making renewable energy a primary power source at Web-Pro Industries moving forward.”

Amy Chiu, General Manager of Web-Pro Industries, with Shih-Hong Hong, General Manager of Innovare Technology


In addition to prioritizing the generation of renewable energy, Web-Pro Industries is also undertaking energy conservation and carbon reduction measures. It is embracing digital transformation through the cloudification of its information systems to enhance internal communication and energy consumption efficiency. One notable example of this effort is the adoption of Office 365 and the transition of the mail server from on-premises to the cloud. Carbon emissions have, as a result, been significantly reduced by 93%, according to Microsoft calculations.


At the same time, planning for a Green Factory Zone at the Tree Valley Park plant is nearing completion, with the inauguration of Tainan's first Ecological Tree Island set for March.