"Where Less Equals More" Web-Pro Empowers Non-woven Sustainability Innovation with Technology-Web-Pro

"Where Less Equals More" Web-Pro Empowers Non-woven Sustainability Innovation with Technology

The textile industry is identified as one of the key industries for net-zero transformation in Taiwan’s "2050 Net Zero Emissions Pathway and Strategy." Initiatives to drive this transformation include enhancing the circular economy with recycled materials as alternative raw materials and integrating upstream and downstream processes for improved low-carbon manufacturing processes. Web-Pro Corp. showcased its sustainable non-woven innovation solution, "Where Less Equals More," at the Asia Nonwovens Exhibition and Conference (ANEX 2024) in Taiwan, demonstrating the latest advancements in supply chain process integration management, medical material recycling, and promoting the circular economy to achieve material reuse.


Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Logistics: Supply Chain Process Integration Management

Web-Pro possesses membrane granulation, processing, and printing technologies in the non-woven fabric industry. By integrating non-woven fabric production with lamination technology, the company helps clients save time and management costs associated with production, quality control, and logistics from multiple suppliers, thus increasing communication efficiency. Additionally, by reducing transportation distances from multiple suppliers, the company effectively lowers carbon emissions during the production process.



Same Materials, Made Greener: Green Practices in Medical Materials

Many medical textiles are disposable products, often composed of composite materials to meet various hygiene, medical, and sterilization requirements, making them difficult to recycle. Web-Pro’s innovation lies in using easily recyclable PP film and PP non-woven fabric of the same material for medical materials, providing both safety protection and sustainability.



Reduce Scraps, Revitalize Lifecycle.: Non-woven Rebirth through Circularity

Through the "Reduce Scraps, Revitalize Lifecycle" initiative, Web-Pro recycles non-woven fabric remnants generated during the manufacturing process. By combining film materials and self-adhesive glue, they create a brand-new "self-adhesive pad," aiming to breathe new life into the product and achieve true zero waste by reducing remnants and giving them new purpose. "Reduce Scraps, Revitalize Lifecycle" signifies Web-Pro's concrete commitment to sustainable development.


ANEX 2024 is one of the world’s top three non-woven fabric exhibitions, alongside IDEA in the United States and INDEX in Europe. This edition of ANEX, themed "Sustainable Innovation - Weaving the Future," emphasizes environmental practices and ESG advocacy, bringing together over 300 exhibitors from 16 countries to showcase the wide-ranging applications of non-woven fabrics in urbanization and modern life.