Web-Pro Corp establishes Tainan's first 'Tree Island' at Tree Valley Park, preserving native species-Web-Pro

Web-Pro Corp establishes Tainan's first 'Tree Island' at Tree Valley Park, preserving native species

On March 16th, Web-Pro held a 'Green Carnival' at the Tree Factory area in Tainan, inviting employees to plant local native tree species, creating the first ecological 'Tree Island' in Tainan. 'Can you imagine, in over a decade, seeing the local saplings planted here growing into a forest? Then, animals and insects gradually returning to their nests, creating a vibrant and lush greenery,' said Web-Pro’s Chairman, ZC Chen , passionately pointing to the land in front of him as he shared his vision.



Restoring Tainan’s Native Species, Preserving a Living Gene Bank 

The name 'Shugu' does not appear on the map of Tainan. Located on the west side of Tainan Science Park, the area was historically dense with trees and plants, hence the name Shugu, which means 'Tree Valley.' However, after centuries of agricultural development and decades of industrial expansion, although there has been extensive afforestation, most of these are not the native species that once thrived on the Tainan plain. This has led to the loss of the natural forest's ecological function in the Shugu area, with limited ecological compensation from these man-made forests. In response to SDG 15 for land ecosystem conservation and driven by ESG principles, Web-Pro Corp has initiated a vegetation restoration project on the Tainan plain. An ecological 'Tree Island' has been planned within the factory premises, with a blueprint of over 100 potential native species of the Tainan plain. This year, in the first phase, we planted 183 trees spanning 30 species including Styrax japonicus, Vitex negundo var. cannabifolia, Pterocymbium tinctorium, Fraxinus griffithii, Millettia pinnata, Ficus microcarpa, Livistona chinensis, Citrus maxima, Lantana camara, Ficus septica, Cinnamomum camphora, Machilus zuihoensis, Alpinia zerumbet, Michelia alba, Bischofia javanica, Cassia fistula, Cinnamomum kotoense, and Hibiscus taiwanensis—all sourced from the surrounding mountains of Tainan. The aim is to restore the centennially lost natural forests of the Tainan plain and through this 'Tree Island,' carry the genetic legacy of Tainan’s wild plants evolved over millions of years. 


Partnering with the 'Taiwan Forestry Restoration Association' to Collect Native Species 

The Taiwan Forestry Restoration Association has long been dedicated to promoting ecological education, protecting natural habitats, and restoring local species, turning abandoned sloping farmlands back into natural forests. Taiwan's beautiful mountain forests serve as a life-sustaining ecosystem for numerous species, but they have been severely damaged due to economic development and extreme climatic events, leading to frequent mountainous disasters. The urgency to restore these forests is undeniable. 

Chairman Tsai Zhihao of the Taiwan Forestry Restoration Association stated, 'Web-Pro Corp is the first company in Tainan willing to join the ranks of natural forest restoration. We hope that this initiative will set a precedent and encourage more enterprises in Tainan to participate. At the beginning of this project, we conducted vegetation surveys and seed collection in the outskirts of Tainan, including Lioujia and Xinhua, aiming to compile a definitive list of tree species indigenous to the Tainan plain. Our future goal is to expand the promotion of natural forest restoration and urban ecological greening, aspiring to restore the beautiful landscape of the Tainan region, and to provide an opportunity for people and all forms of life to coexist and flourish on this land.